Thursday, July 23, 2009

Product Review: Marys Gone Crackers STICKS & TWIGS

I try not to eat too much processed, packaged foods - when I do reach for something pre-made, I like to make it a healthy choice - not that I'm always successful at it! This time, I hit the nail on the head - I've been a fan of Mary's Gone Crackers Herb Crackers for quite some time. They are made with organic ingredients, contain no sweeteners, have an incredibly nutty flavor (although contain no nuts), and pack a darn good nutritional punch. Oh! ...and they are manufactured in a dedicated gluten and nut free facility.

Recently, I discovered a new addition to the Mary's family - Sticks & Twigs.
The description from Mary's website: "Made with our unique blend of whole grains and seeds, these crunchy snacks will make you wonder why you ever ate a pretzel or a chip, when you can have a delicious and nutritious Sticks & Twigs! Like our crackers, we add no oils or fats, so you taste the rich, toasty flavors of the grains and seeds. Contains a whopping 550 mg. of Omega-3s in every serving! Available in 3 mouthwatering flavors: Chipotle-Tomato, Curry, and Sea Salt. In two sizes: 8 oz. bag or single serve 1.25 oz. bags. Great for munching on their own, or served with hummus, peanut butter, or your favorite dip. Kids love them!"

I tried both the curry and chipotle-tomato flavors and I can honestly say that I am hooked! (I got my sister hooked as well). They are incredibly crunchy and flavorful - and they satisfy my snacking urge big time! It's a bonus that I don't have to feel guilty about eating them. Can't wait to try the cinnamon flavor, which should be available soon.

You can order Mary's Gone Crackers products online or use their store locator to find where these awesome snacks are sold near you. Check back next week to read my interview with Mary Waldner, founder of Mary's Gone Crackers. She will be talking about the inspiration for her product line, how she came up with her brand name, and new products coming down the pike!

Just a reminder: I do not receive any compensation for product reviews. I only discuss products that I have purchased for my own consumption - when they are good (or particularly awful, for that matter), I like to pass that on to you.

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