Monday, July 6, 2009

Product Review: Hormel Turkey Pepperoni

I always love when I can find allergy friendly products in the regular grocery store - it means one less trip for me (to a specialty store), and that it's probably easy on the wallet. In our house, we are big fans of Hormel Turkey Pepperoni slices. Although I try not to eat too many processed foods, when I need something quick and easy, this is what I reach for. Not only is it a great topping for pizza, I throw it on salads, add it to chili and soups, dip it in hummus, or eat it straight out of the bag.

I definitely eat it more in the summer, since, before it is opened, it does not need to be refrigerated. A great thing to take camping, to the beach, or on a trip - we just brought it with us to New Jersey last weekend (where I experimented with the "No Way" Brownies.).

The turkey variety has 70% less fat than the original. It has a nice spicy flavor. I remember when I did Weight Watchers eight million years ago, it was 2 points for 17 slices! Not bad...

The label on the package states that it is gluten free. When I called customer service to ask if it is processed in a facility with products that contain gluten, dairy, peanuts, or tree nuts, they said that it is not. I asked if this means that the chances of cross contamination with these ingredients is slim to none, they replied "yes." I prefer to get these sorts of claims in writing - it just makes me feel better. If you give this pepperoni a try, you might want to double check with customer service on this, especially if you are dealing with a true allergy.

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