Friday, July 31, 2009

Ask the Coach: What is a blog carnival?

This question came from some fellow bloggers as well as a few readers:

Q: What is a blog carnival?

A: A blog carnival is like a virtual magazine, where several different authors contribute to the same issue. Issues have an overall topic, and some editions of the issue will be of a certain theme. Issues are generally posted weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly. Often, the same series will be "hosted" by different bloggers each time it is published. This helps to introduce readers to various blog sites, opinions, etc.

Check out the blog carnival website to find topics you are interested in. There are blog carnivals for almost everything! One carnival I participate in on occasion is Living With Food Allergies, currently being hosted at Rational Jenn. Check it out!

I noticed that there wasn't a carnival specific to the gluten free lifestyle, so I'm starting one. The first edition will be posted tomorrow, August 1st, right here at the The Food Allergy Coach. We'll be publishing monthly on the first of each month. If you are a blogger that would like to contribute an article to the next issue, click here. Be sure to check back tomorrow for some great tips, product reviews, advice/support, and, of course, recipes!!!! ...and FYI, the September 1st issue will be hosted at Gluten Freeways.

Also, I contribute to Go Ahead Honey, It's Gluten Free - this is not so much a carnival but more of a recipe roundup around a certain theme. The current theme (which will be published later today) is Make Me a Happy Camper! Check it out at Gluten Free Easily.

Hope that's helpful!

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  1. Oh...I wanted to join in the carnival but our summer has been too busy. I am looking forward to visiting it though. I'm so glad you're getting one started. Who would have thought one could run across so many issues when trying to eat healthier (which for us also means eating gluten-free)? It will be nice to have a forum just for us!