Friday, July 24, 2009

Ask the Coach: Gluten Free on a Budget?

Happy Friday everyone! I've been asked this question both via email and in person many, many times...

Q: How can you eat gluten free on a budget?

A: I find that, when people are first diagnosed, the focus is to try to find "replacement" foods, like cereals, pasta, cookies - things that are processed, quick, easy, and tasty. This was where my thoughts were at 9 years ago. I soon noticed that the GF versions of my favorite things were costly - in some cases, 300 to 400% more than the non-GF counterpart. That wasn't going to cut it for me. Additionally, I learned that, just because something is labeled gluten free, it doesn't mean it's healthy. Keeping these two lessons in mind, I got creative and started to think outside the box.

My article, The Coach's Top 23 Tips for Eating Gluten Free on a Budget on details many years of being gluten free while also being budget conscious (my financially-minded hubby wouldn't have it any other way!). Check it out, and please share your ideas!

Hope this was helpful.


  1. Old habit die hard. I'm really beginning to think my old eating habits were more of an addiction than anything (besides the fact I have Celiacs). It's funny cause the first thing you want to do is eat exactly the same thing, just gluten free. Not always a good idea 1) it's harder to adjust because you expect it to taste the same. 2) If you were eating lots of baked goods, you probably weren't getting a variety of other foods in your diet 3) The politically correct "eat piles of grains everyday" food pyramid may be a biological disaster for you even with a gluten free switch. And I could go on and on. I was lucky, I had to learn the SCD (a grain free diet) for my son first before learning gf for myself. When I finally made gf foods, they left me tired, hungry and craving sugar. I found I really need to limit the gf grains and sugar quite a bit and replace with vegetables and lots of protein, and I even need a good dose of saturated fat. Learning what your body wants isn't easy or politcally correct...but it sure is worthwhile. Life is too short not to feel good!

  2. Hey Kim - Had to stop by and see what you're up to today. Another important topic & good info, of course!

    Thanks so much for the sugar-free icing info. I was so happy to see your comment on my blog. I didn't even know that you ever stopped by. :) So glad you did.