Thursday, April 16, 2009

Study Confirms Hidden Food Sensitivities Keeping Us Fat

I've been a big believer in this theory. In my pre-celiac days, I found it to be extremely difficult to lose weight - and I had a lot to lose (about 50lbs to be exact). Once I cut gluten out, I dropped 20 lbs. seemingly overnight. A few years later, I wanted to lose more weight to look smashing in a bridesmaid's dress for my good friend's wedding. I was successful, but could not get rid of an extra couple of inches around my abdomen. I looked way out of proportion.

Going on the elimination diet and discovering hidden food sensitivities has lead me to a size and weight I thought I could never be. I lost the extra around my middle (a typical symptom, by the way), cravings went away, and my overall health improved dramatically. ...and a new study confirms this! You can read the entire article here, but this is the jist:

"...The authors, led by Dr. M. Akmal of the Dubai Specialized Medical Centre, pointed out that hidden food allergies, or food sensitivities, are unique to each individual and can cause inflammatory diseases, and an inability to lose weight. Food sensitivities often provoke delayed and chronic symptoms, like IBS, migraine and arthritis, that are not as obvious as the dramatic and immediate onset of "true" food allergies, such as peanut anaphylaxis, but, over the long term, can be just as devastating and are more difficult to detect.
..Now we know that chronic inflammation, caused primarily by exposure to incompatible foods, is at the root of metabolic problems like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity. The immune system chemicals block insulin receptors; so, guess what happens to the sugars we eat? - they get stored as fat. Cut the inflammation, cut the fat storage."

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