Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gluten & Peanut Free Bakery & Deli

The folks in seacoast NH are sooooooooooo lucky! Anello's Pastries has opened up in downtown Portsmouth. Anello's is a dedicated gluten and peanut-free bakery and deli. DEDICATED! Do you believe it? ...and there were many items labeled dairy-free as well.

I had to try it out for myself...looking at those cases filled with safe sweet treats was just too much to handle. And the taste? Incredible! I have to admit that I did slip and tried both the Pumpkin Tea Cake and the Cannoli, both of which contain sugar. Boy did I pay for it later (crushing headache, upset stomach, stuffy sinuses...) - I'm not doing that again.

Anyhow, I went back two more times and stayed far away from the sugary delights. I loved the grilled veggie panini the best! I brought along a non-food sensitive friend for her to gauge the taste and she loved it!

I met the owner, Traci, who is such a delight! She is gluten-free herself, so she totally gets it! No worries about eating here!

So, if you are in the area or, heck, make a special trip because it's worth it! Anello's is located at 41 Congress Street in Portsmouth, NH.


  1. I don't have food sensitivities (that I know of!) and really enjoyed my panini. The GF bread was really good!

  2. I don't have food sensitivities (that I know of) and really enjoyed my trip to Anello's. I had a paninni and the GF bread was delicious!