Friday, April 3, 2009

Food Allergy Segment on Nightline

The segment on Nightline (click to watch the video) profiled two families of children with severe food allergies that have undergone successful food challenge treatment at National Jewish Hospital. Their kids are now eating foods (like peanuts) that previously caused adverse, life threatening reactions.

Some interesting excerpts:

"Fleischer and his colleagues discovered, in a new landmark study, that more than half the foods triggering positive blood tests could, in fact, be added safely back to the diets of patients based on food challenges.

The study seems to indicate there may be thousands of Americans, perhaps more, who aren't eating food that they probably could eat safely."

"Food challenges may be the emerging standard, but they can cost thousands of dollars; less accurate blood tests typically run about $300."

"[Food challenge testing] is a burden to do on a daily basis," Malka said. "It takes time, it takes staff, and there's always a risk associated with any food challenges ... because of an allergic reaction. But if it's done in the right setting, with the right testing behind it, it's a very safe test to do."

This isn't a new treatment - more of a revived one. Many people swear by it. Food for thought...

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