Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ask the Coach Vol 2: What do you eat for breakfast????

Recently, when I was meeting with a colleague and explaining the elimination diet process in addtion to my already known food restrictions (gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, sugar, yeast, dairy, cherries, somewhat rice), she asked...

Q: What do you eat for breakfast????

A: No doubt - breakfast has been a bit tough to figure out, but I manage quite well. Sometimes I eat "normal" breakfast foods, and sometimes I deviate:

* Homemade sausage! By far my favorite.
* Sunflower Seed Butter or hummus with celery and carrots
* 2 fried eggs with sauteed peppers & onions
* Coconut yogurt topped with Hemp Seed or Millet Puffs
* Now that I can do some fruit on occasion,Corn Flakes with berries & Hempmilk
* My newest addition is muffins made with coconut flour - I will debut the recipe soon!
* Once in a while, I'll do a smoothie with a frozen banana, coconut milk, & berries
* I'm currently experimenting with creating a nutritious pancake - I'll be sure to share my findings.

That's more than a whole week's worth of ideas! Hope it's helpful.

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