Monday, June 22, 2009

Product Review: Abigail's Bakery Millet & Sweet Brown Rice Bread

While wandering around the Blue Moon Market in Exeter, NH, I happened upon a GF bread that I had never seen from Abigail's Bakery in East Weare, NH. It caught my eye because it is organic and it was not in the freezer section. Normally, I don't buy GF bread. There aren't many on the market that are tasty enough to eat plain, and I'm not really a sandwich eater. Sometimes I keep a loaf in the freezer to use in recipes, like meatloaf, where the texture is hidden. Many people ask me to recommend a tasty GF bread - I find that this is such an individualized preference (more so than other products), but here it goes...

I tried the Millet & Sweet Brown Rice variety (the picture above is the picture of this bread from their website). I was struck by the nutritional info: only 20g of carbs and 2g of sugar per 2 slice serving, but you are also getting 5g of fiber!

The first test: I ate a piece right out of the bag! Dangerous, I know - it could have been gross, but it wasn't! The texture was wonderful - not grainy or gritty or too dense. Light and airy. The flavor was also very nice - just a hint of sweetness from the agave nectar. Definitely sandwich potential.

The next test: Toasted w/ just a bit of dairy-free margarine (I'm off dairy yet again to challenge it to see if it is the cause of my continued post nasal drip). Totally YUM! It actually got browned, unlike some other GF breads I've had. It had a light, crispy texture. The flavor was only enhanced by toasting. A winner all around.

Please keep in mind that Abigail's Bakery is not a dedicated GF facility. Their website says, "We are very particular against cross contamination and [the] thorough cleaning of our equipment, but we do not guarantee [no] cross contamination. We also use egg and soy products...[but we] are a nut free facility." They also never use white sugar or sugar substitutes in their breads.

Since no preservatives are used, you'll want to keep this bread in the fridge or freezer (I toasted mine out of the freezer and it was just fine). Breads can be ordered online and can be ordered as a "share" where fresh breads, burger and dog rolls, etc are delivered to you fresh each Monday.

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  1. I make my own gluten-free bread and when I started using the bread machine, it got a lot better. The store bought has not proven to be as good. It may not taste like "rea;" bread bit it is bread and hubby takes a sandwich for lunch, daily.

    Did you know that the tamari soy sauce has a salt free one also plus being gluten free? We eat low salt so that matters to us.