Thursday, June 11, 2009

Elimination Diet Day 69: Status of challenging

I realized that I haven't been updating you on the progress of my challenge phase. So here it goes (this is my 3rd round of elimination, so my list of things to challenge might look different than most):

* The yeast challenge didn't go so well. I got the sinus tingling, stuffy nose sensation almost instantly. This means that I am pretty sensitive to yeast, and will cut it out of my diet most of the time.

* The strawberry challenge went well. YAY!

* The banana challenge went well.

* When I challenged rice, I first had a bit of brown rice. That was fine. I worked up to a normal size serving, and I experienced heart burn-like symptoms, which is very abnormal for me. With a little more experimenting, I have concluded that I am fairly sensitive to rice. It seems as though a portion of rice is out of the question, but a baked good partially made with rice flour could be ok here and there. I will need to update my pantry staples...bye bye Tinkyada rice pasta, but The Cravings Place pancakes & Cornbread can stay (once in a while).

* The corn challenge went well. It's important to try corn in different forms, so I tried real corn, corn flakes, corn tortillas, and masa harina. No symptoms noted.

That being said, my digestive system is doing quite well (about 90% improved). I am still producing way too much mucus in my sinuses, so I'm thinking their could be another culprit. Left to challenge: egg, soy, chocolate (I have removed these with no noticeable benefit), avocado, night shade veggies, and citrus (these are the next to be eliminated). I also wonder about challenging dairy again. Could be that the yeast is still running rampid in my sinuses. I'll be talking to my doctor about it later in the month.


  1. I'm glad I don't have any food allergies (that I'm aware of, anyway).

    Of course, that lets me eat anything ... and everything. That's how I've gotten obese.

    I'm now on my own elimination diet, for weight loss.

  2. Hi Jim,

    Thanks for the comment. That's how I initially discovered my food challenges, by going on Atkins (which is a form of elimination). When I splurged and had some carbs (from wheat), I got really sick. Hopefully, that won't happen to you! Also, if you're a reader, you might like the book "The Omnivore's Dilemma."