Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ming Tsai on The Today Show

Ming Tsai was on The Today Show this morning spreading his message that having food allergies doesn't mean that you have to eat plain, bland food. He demonstrated a kid and allergy-friendly recipe for Potstickers and then adapted it for people that are allergic to wheat creating Chicken Patties in Lettuce Cups. He then presented a way to make a healthier Fried Rice that is egg and soy free.

During the segment, Ming said he loves non-dairy Tempt Hemp Seed Ice Cream (which is also soy, and gluten free with 3 flavors that are tree nut free). The hosts tasted it and agreed! With it, he presented his recipe for Lime-Coconut Gluten Free Sugar Cookies.

Ming proudly reported that his son is now only allergic to nuts, and has tried peanut butter with success over the last few weeks.

You can download his recipes here.

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