Friday, August 21, 2009

Ask the Coach: Teleconference Workshops?

I've started to let people know about the four-part series, "Going Gluten Free," that I am putting on along with my colleagues, Susan Engle and Dr. Amanda Tracy. The question that I've been getting asked subsequently is...

Q: What about coming to my area? We need workshops about food allergies, celiac disease, etc. in ___________ [fill in the blank with name of town, state]!

A: I would love to travel to all corners of the world, but something tells me this isn't going to happen in the immediate future, so something that has been on my mind is to offer workshops on a variety of topics via teleconference. This means that, where ever you are, you would be provided with a phone number to call in to and an access code. We could all chat live! I have many colleagues in the medical field in addition to parents and other folks who have lived with dietary restrictions for a long time. The teleconferences would bring formal and informal experts on the topic together with people who need information. Perhaps your specific questions can be submitted beforehand upon registering?

I could see doing these both as individual workshops and as a part of an ongoing "coaching" group that meets regularly.

So, what do you think? Interested? What kinds of topics?


  1. How about help with talking to your child's school about handling food allergies? I find this to be a real challenge...

  2. I would like your gluten free series to be available by teleconference. Linda.

  3. What about a support group that is totally over the phone and can meet regularly? - Mike

  4. Teleconference workshops (also known as teleseminars) can be a great idea! I've thought about doing them myself for newbies to our support group. Often they are widely disbursed and can't attend our meetings, but need immediate help. I've attended teleseminars on other topics and they can be done very well. The best format I've seen is where the topic is covered for maybe 30 minutes by the leader and then opened to Q&A for another 15 - 30 minutes. It's great to get input from folks, but I think remembering what you wanted to know at the beginning and what you still struggle with would be good topics. Your Examiner article on saving money eating gf might be a very nice topic. Savings from lessons learned in the seminar would easily recoup the individual's seminar costs. ;-)