Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Product Review: The Organic Bistro

While enjoying myself at the Healthy Villi Spring Meeting this past weekend, I was able to try out several new products. One of my favorites was from The Organic Bistro. They make healthy, nutritionally rich, gluten & dairy free, convenient frozen meals. I tried the Chicken Citron: "Chicken breast on spinach with herbed quinoa and sundried tomato edamame - All natural grilled chicken breast delicately seasoned with lemon-herb glaze, served with thyme scented quinoa pilaf and a warm edamame-sundried tomato salad."

One word: FABULOUS! The flavor was incredible! I felt like I was eating a gourmet meal...nothing plain or ordinary about this dish! Usually I'm not a fan of frozen meat coming out of a microwave, but the texture was wonderful. It did not appear to be frozen at all. The quinoa was light and fluffy. The edamame was tasty and not mushy. I wanted to have more, but stopped myself at just a few bites due to still being on in the elimination phase. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I'm happy to have found an organic, healthy convenience food.

From their website: "We recognize that many people are looking for healthy alternatives that are also gluten free and dairy free. The ingredients in Organic Bistro Whole Life Meals are carefully selected to provide all of the flavor, texture and healthy nutrition you need, while remaining both gluten free and dairy free. Whether you need this level of purity in your diet or not, rest assured that no flavor or nutritional sacrifices have been made to achieve this status.

The recipe development team at Organic Bistro recognizes the struggle gluten-intolerant individuals experience when searching for truly gluten-free choices. We are committed to providing gluten-free meals. All eight of our Whole Life Meals are gluten-free. As we develop future meals, we will continue to expand our gluten-free offerings. "

A true find!

6/3/09 Update - received an email that, due to fast expansion, the location tool on the website is under construction, but should be ready by mid June. They sent me a very long list by state of stores that are carrying their products. Email me at for a copy of the list.

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