Monday, June 14, 2010

Market Basket GF Mixes #2

I can't believe we are going to have a baby by the end of the week! It seems very surreal. Things continue to go well and we are still hopeful of having a natural birth (aside from being induced). As promised, I wanted to let you know my thoughts about the last two Market Basket brand gluten free baking mixes (to see my review on the other three, click here).

First up - blondies! This was one of the mixes I had purchased for myself prior to being sent all five mixes to try and blog about. My mom helped out again by taking the cookie mix home and coming back the next day with yummy blondies. She followed the recipe on the box, which she said was beyond easy. She added chocolate chips to the top of them. The results? YUM! A cake like blondie with great texture and yummy, sweet tooth satisfying flavor. Definitely work $3.59!

Next...the waffle and coffee cake mix. Waffles are a little too involved for my world of bed rest right now, so we opted for the coffee cake. I was unable to use the suggested blueberries because of the continued fructose malabsorption that I'm experiencing...but I enjoyed the coffee cake non-the-less. It was surprisingly springy! I thought that it would be crumbly, but not at all. The topping, which is made using the same base mix, was crunchy and sweet, just as it should be. Another easy winner!

I'd say Market Basket has done a fine job of bringing 5 exceptionally easy and delicious gluten free mixes to the market, making them rather affordable. I'm hoping this sparks other grocery chains to do the same.

I believe this will be my last post for quite some time as motherhood is calling! Have a wonderful summer and I'll be back in touch soon.


  1. Oooh! Those look so good!!!
    Congrats in advance for your baby! You must be so happy =)

  2. Doh! I just found you and now you're off to have a baby... Sending you lots of coping vibes and hoping everything goes smoothly. Cheers,

  3. I've been wondering about you! Can't believe the time is here. Best of luck with everything ... so very exciting!

    So many hugs,

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    - Diana Keough
    P.S. And keep up the great work!