Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Took the Kale Chip Challenge!

On October 13th, Celiac Chicks issued a throw-down - a Kale Chip Throw-down. I have been reading about these things for a while and just letting the idea of them stew. When I saw this challenge, I had to accept, especially because they expressed their initial hesitancy, thinking "how could these be any good?" ...and that's where I've been at!

I followed their recipe and used the oven this time rather than the dehydrator, which I plan to try in the future. I made just one batch at first because why waste perfectly good kale if I didn't like these chips? But...I loved them! They are light and crispy! My first batch was olive oil and salt, which just pairs nicely with the flavor of the kale. For my 2nd batch, I added cumin...YUM! The pictures show before and after - they are a bit like shrinky-dinks! I actually could see these squashing a chip craving.

In other news...Go Dairy Free reported today that one of my favorite cereals, Perky's Nutty Flax (which actually does not contain nuts), is now being branded as Enjoy Life Crunchy Flax. Click here to read about that transition. The flavor, crunch, and low sugar grams better stay the same, is all I can say!

This post is linked to What Can I Eat That's Gluten Free over at the Gluten Free Homemaker.


  1. Last year, my child's school brought a farmer's market to the school and my daughter came home with kale and a similar recipe. I was equally surprised, but both kids liked them!

  2. heading to the store soon, and I believe I'll grab some Kale, to make... uh, chips.... I'll let you know what variations I try:)

  3. I can imagine them being very good with olive oil and salt. I just passed up some kale at the grocery store today. It will have to wait till next time. Thanks for a wonderful and different idea.

  4. My five year old calls them Green Eggs as in Dr. Seuss. She will eat a whole bowl of them as a snack